Website Support

Website SupportNot many companies offer Website Support for existing websites which means some websites NEVER get any updates

There are some great website designs out there but they are allowed to go stale due to lack of basic maintenance

An excellent example is WordPress websites not keeping in-step with the latest version and plugins that are out of date

Web applications are another good example and VERY rarely receive any attention once released in to the wild

Databases bloat infrastructure wains and falls out of support and the applications themselves stall and remain slow and cumbersome

With our website maintenance and support packages, we look after your website for you

We will update and improve your websites CMS and security

Host your site on our UK servers if required and take regular backups 

Your business website is like a car and if it’s not regularly maintained and serviced it will eventually break down

Now that nearly everyone is taking their business online there is a lot of competition out there

Your competitors are all scrambling to ensure their website ranks highly on search engines

So how do you expect to stay ahead of your competition if you aren’t maximising your return on investment and getting the most out of your website?

Make your website support work for you

You need to perform regular website maintenance

If you are using any kind of content management system like WordPress or any kind of script like PHP it needs to be kept up to date

Additionally if you are using a website host or web service maintenance provider make sure that they are updating their core server software on a regular basis

Website ranking

Did you know that twenty five percent of users navigate out of a website if it takes more than three seconds to load?

Page loading is obviously an important part of the user experience

However we tend to let it slide in order to accommodate new nifty functionality or aesthetic website design

In reality website visitors do not care about all the bells and whistles

They care about accessing the information they want as fast as possible

Another important factor to consider is how page load speed affects your search engine rankings

Slow load times = high bounce rates (customers leaving your website)

Google actually calculates your site’s load times in their page ranking algorithm