Website Services

Website Services

Weztec offer a number of website services to help you keep your website up to date and help with your on page search engine optimisation to keep you ranking well

Existing Website Services

One of our core services is to refresh customers existing websites with new graphics and content

Websites may not be regularly updated so they go “stale” in the eyes of Google etc…

Dynamic websites developed using PHP for example will not benefit from the huge performance improvements from the latest versions of PHP so get them updated ASAP!!!

Responsive Website Design

Does your website work on other devices such as iPads and mobile phones?

Can you navigate your website easily on a mobile device?

Does your website cater for the ever growing screen resolutions that are being adopted today?

New Website Design

Any website needs to be refreshed on a regular basis and one way is to have a new website design

This covers things such as layout, fonts, script updates and CSS updates

Make sure your website functions in the latest version of the browsers correctly

Move to an industry standard layout platform such as Twitter Bootstrap to ensure you design works on all devices

Are you using scripts that are no longer supported for example an old CMS (content management system)

Website Backups

When did you last backup your website?

If your website was “hacked” today would you be able to recover it and get back online with as little break in service as possible

Or would it take you days or even weeks to recover?

Weztec can perform regular backups of your site so down time would be kept to a minimum

Website Server Updates and Security

One of the major reasons for websites being “hacked” or going offline is the fact that the server on which it runs has not been maintained fully