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Computer Services

We pride ourselves on providing clear and concise computer help without using any technical terms or jargon. Whatever you want to know, we will clearly explain to you in plain English.

Weztec offer a number of comprehensive computer support solutions that can be tailored to suit any business or home user environment.

We offer FREE CALL OUT! We will investigate the issues you are experiencing and offer advice on what to do next. If this requires any additional work to be performed by use we will supply you with a quote for you to agree prior to any work being carried out.

Computer and Laptop support services completed at your home or business premises to make it easier and more convenient to you. Technicians carry advanced diagnostic software with them so most faults can be resolved without the need to remove the equipment.

If the repair requires the equipment to be brought back to the workshop the repair is given a job number and an expected repair completion date.

In the case of full or partial system rebuilds ALL data is backed up to our servers prior to any work being undertaken. We guarantee FULL CLIENT DATA CONFIDENTIALITY!

The PC technician will be able to offer you a broad spectrum of computer repair services including but not limited to desktop PC maintenance, virus removal, laptop repair, both cabled and wireless network installation and configuration.

With software becoming more complex people are increasingly requiring just plain and simple computer help and computer support with everyday tasks for example installing the latest copy of Microsoft Office.